Collaboration project with U São Paulo

Our application to the USP-COFECUB program for a collaboration project with prof. Mauro Ribeiro of U São Paulo was successful!

The main participants are prof. Margarida Costa Gomes and myself from France, and profs. Rômulo Ando and Mauro Ribeiro of the Institute of Chemistry from Brazil.

DCP Senior Researcher Award 2017

I am honoured to be the laureate of the Senior Researcher Award (Prix Chercheur Confirmé) 2017 of the Division of Physical Chemistry, a joint division of the Société Chimique de France and of the Société Française de Physique.

An announcement of the Award appeared in the Oct-Nov 2017 issue of l’Actualité Chimique (p. 140). I delivered a lecture at the Journée Scientifique de la Division de Chimie Physique, Paris, 30 Nov 2017.

IL Group, Clermont 2015

IL Group, Clermont 2015
IL Group, Clermont 2015: Julien Devemy, Ines Otero, Agilio Padua, Laure Pison, Jean-Michel Andanson, Fernando Lepre, Joanna Szala-Bilnik, Pablo Sanchez, Alain Dequidt, Margarida Costa Gomes, Emilie Bordes, Pascale Husson

Boulder, Colorado 2015

NOAA Center, Boulder, Colorado 2015.
NOAA Boulder, Colorado 2015. During our year working at MIT’s Chem Eng Dept, in a famous building by I.M. Pei, we ended up visiting another landmark from the architect!