Ionic Liquids in Polymers

4D Printing for Designing Innovative Ionic-Liquid Based Polymer Materials

Project funded by the IDEX Lyon program in 2000-24 involving:

  • Jannick Duchet-Rumeau (PI) and SĂ©bastien Livi, IMP lab, INSA Lyon
  • Agilio Padua and Margarida Costa Gomes, ENS de Lyon and CNRS


  • Gabriel Perli, PhD student at IMP lab, INSA Lyon
  • Luke Wylie, post-doctoral fellow at ENS Lyon


The purpose of 4D IOLIMAT project is to design and develop new and high performance (multi)functional-dedicated polymer materials with enhanced properties such as ionic conductivitychemical, and thermal stabilitiesmechanical performances, fire retardancy, barrier properties, self- healing ability and shape memory behavior for 3D/4D printing. 4D IOLIMAT is an original and innovative approach for designing and processing new polymer networks from novel imidazolium based monomers.