Katya defended her PhD

Katya Goloviznina defended her PhD brilliantly in front of a jury composed of Ed Maginn (Notre Dame, USA), Céline Merlet (CNRS, Toulouse), Paul Madden (Oxford, UK) and Luca Monticelli (INSERM, Lyon). Katya is the first PhD of those who started in the group at ENS Lyon.

Margarida, Luca, Agilio, Katya, Céline

DCP Senior Researcher Award 2017

I am honoured to be the laureate of the Senior Researcher Award (Prix Chercheur Confirmé) 2017 of the Division of Physical Chemistry, a joint division of the Société Chimique de France and of the Société Française de Physique.

An announcement of the Award appeared in the Oct-Nov 2017 issue of l’Actualité Chimique (p. 140). I delivered a lecture at the Journée Scientifique de la Division de Chimie Physique, Paris, 30 Nov 2017.