Ionic Liquids at Interfaces

Liquid Interfaces of 2D Nanomaterials for Electronic Devices

Collaborative project funded by the ANR in 2019-23 involving:

  • Agilio Padua (PI), Chemistry lab, and Audrey Steinberger, Physics lab, ENS de Lyon
  • Sébastien Lebègue and Dario Rocca, LPTC, CNRS and U Lorraine, Nancy
  • Paul-Henri Haumesser and Anass Benayad, CEA Grenoble


  • Zheng Gong, post-doctoral fellow at ENS de Lyon
  • Minho Kim, post-doctoral fellow at LPTC Nancy
  • Layla Bou Tannous, doctoral student, CEA Grenoble and ENS Lyon


The LIQUI2D project aims to advance the understanding of the interfaces between ionic liquids (ILs) and transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), such as MoS2 or WS2, in order to design novel electronic devices based on two-dimensional materials.Field-effect transistors have been built with a 2D semiconductor channel (namely MoS2) gated using an ionic liquid (IL) electrolyte in a configuration called an IL-FET. Research so far has focused on parameters that determine the operation of IL/2D-material devices, exploring the properties and condition of the nanomaterials, substrates, contacts, layouts, etc. Much less attention has been paid to choosing or designing the electrolyte, namely how to tune its properties for optimum performance. Relevant phenomena include the interfacial ordering, the effects of the electrostatic field on the electronic structure of the material and the dynamic response of the ions to changes in biasing potential.

This project implements a combined approach integrating physical chemistry of liquids (and interfaces) with nanomaterials science, through theory, simulation and experiment. The ENS Lyon partner contributes with physical chemistry of ionic liquids, AFM measurements under applied potential and molecular dynamics simulations; the LPTC Nancy partner with DFT calcualtions of the band structure under electroststic field effect; and the CEA Grenoble partner with samples of TMDCs, electrochemical and XPS characterization and device prototype fabrication.

Interfaces of Ionic Liquids with Materials

Project funded in 2019-21 by the Fonds Recherche of ENS de Lyon.

  • Agilio Padua (PI), ENS Lyon


  • Ryan Clark, post-doctoral fellow, ENS Lyon


We study the interactions of ionic liquids with materials using molecular dynamics simulations and through the measurement of interfacial properties. The materials studied include 2D materials, in order to understand novel electrolytes, and porous solids for the preparation of porous liquids used in the absorption of gases.