Group photo Sept 2021

Photo in the Monod gardens after a group picnic: Eduards, Agilio, Katya, Margarida, Federica, Hanne, Adriaan, Mirella, Inês, Guillaume, Jocasta, Daniel, Nicolas, Salvador

Pizza outside

Pizza outside the lab: Katya, Guillaume D, Hanne, Mirella, Daniel, Luke, Agilio, Adriaan, Eduards, Jocasta, Layla, Inês, Guillaume S, Margarida

On a not so sunny day… thanks to Guillaume S!

Group picnic

A group picnic at the end of confinement, Spring 2021

Group picnic, Parc de Gerland: Margarida, Daniel, Ryan, Adriaan, Inês, Jocasta, Agílio, Guillaume, Katya, Luke, Nicolas.

Group photo Sep 2019

Mark (visiting from TU Eindhoven), Agilio, Adrea Mele (visiting from Politecnico Milano), Zheng, Margarida, Jocasta, Pablo, Laura, Fernando, Simon, Sachini, Katya

France-Brasil Collaboration Project

Visit of prof. Rômulo Ando of U São Paulo, within the USP-COFECUB collaboration project between our lab and the Instituto de Química, USP, including prof. Mauro Ribeiro.

Hike in the natural park of Auvergne volcanos, with Fernando Lepre, Rômulo Ando, André Pádua and Margarida Costa Gomes.

IL Group, Clermont 2015

IL Group, Clermont 2015
IL Group, Clermont 2015: Julien Devemy, Ines Otero, Agilio Padua, Laure Pison, Jean-Michel Andanson, Fernando Lepre, Joanna Szala-Bilnik, Pablo Sanchez, Alain Dequidt, Margarida Costa Gomes, Emilie Bordes, Pascale Husson