Katya defended her PhD

Katya Goloviznina defended her PhD brilliantly in front of a jury composed of Ed Maginn (Notre Dame, USA), Céline Merlet (CNRS, Toulouse), Paul Madden (Oxford, UK) and Luca Monticelli (INSERM, Lyon). Katya is the first PhD of those who started in the group at ENS Lyon.

Margarida, Luca, Agilio, Katya, Céline

Group photo Sept 2021

Photo in the Monod gardens after a group picnic: Eduards, Agilio, Katya, Margarida, Federica, Hanne, Adriaan, Mirella, Inês, Guillaume, Jocasta, Daniel, Nicolas, Salvador

Pizza outside

Pizza outside the lab: Katya, Guillaume D, Hanne, Mirella, Daniel, Luke, Agilio, Adriaan, Eduards, Jocasta, Layla, Inês, Guillaume S, Margarida

On a not so sunny day… thanks to Guillaume S!

Group picnic

A group picnic at the end of confinement, Spring 2021

Group picnic, Parc de Gerland: Margarida, Daniel, Ryan, Adriaan, Inês, Jocasta, Agílio, Guillaume, Katya, Luke, Nicolas.

Group photo Sep 2019

Mark (visiting from TU Eindhoven), Agilio, Adrea Mele (visiting from Politecnico Milano), Zheng, Margarida, Jocasta, Pablo, Laura, Fernando, Simon, Sachini, Katya

Paper on SAILs in Nature Materials

In a recent article in Nature Materials, from a collaboration with MIT (USA), Bristol (UK) and Perth (Australia) we describe the discovery of a new class of electrolytes, which can improve energy storage efficiency in supercapacitors. These detergent-like ionic liquids can self-assemble into sandwich-like bilayer structures on electrode surfaces. And that is very reason why they give better energy storage performance.

Check the manuscript at Nat. Mat. (2019) DOI: 10.1038/s41563-019-0449-6

SAILS (Surface Active Ionic Liquids) self-assemble in bilayer structures at electrode interfaces (right) while simpler ionic liquids form alternating-charge layers.